Building in Spain requires certain laws and regulations to be followed. When you decide to build a home in Spain, we will ensure that you won’t have to face any issues alone. We will provide support from the very start to the very end in different areas, we can do that because of the network of local experts we have gained over the years.

  • The purchasing process
  • Research is needed when buying terrain. For example you have to deal with different types of soil. Furthermore, the licensing system is different from the one in England. That is why we will accompany you in your search for adequate locations for your terrain. We will also help you with the legal processes surrounding the purchase.
  • Financing
  • Usually the possiblity to get an additional mortgage exists, even if it would be for a home outside of your country of origin. Regarding financial support, you do not have to worry. We have financial advisors who are well aware of the local market and its trade rules.
  • The construction project
  • In cooperation with an architect we will design your home, whilst you will have the possibility to visit existing houses built by Construir a medida.
    We offer the same guarantees during construction as most European countries. We also work with building codes that are provided by the European Union. You are therefore assured that we comply with European rules and a high quality of construction and renovation.
Do you have any specific questions about our support? Feel free to contact us.

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