Renovation: current work in progress

Can Suria, new house, construction garden and terrace

600 m2 facade restoration work villa in Sitges, Can Girona

280 m2 facade restoration work villa Can Suria

Renovation 300 m2 villa in Vallpineda Sitges

New kitchen Sitges

New bathroom Sitges

240 m2 restaurating Mas Mestre

80 m2 terrace renovation

75 m2 renovating existing pool new tiles and grouting in Sitges

A facade renovation can be divided into the following parts:

– Cleaning of the facade

– Repair of damaged parts

– Waterproofing of the cleaned surface

– Painting and / or plaster

Painting a surface usually consists of the following steps:
– Remove all loose parts
– Restoring the substrate
– Reparing of all cracks
– Applying a base layer and adhesive layer
– Apply at least two finishing coats
Single layer, cement or plaster

– Applying a plaster layer, usually gray, to then paint or apply a cement layer.

The works are: Las Colinas, Mas Mestre, Castelldefels, Sitges, St. Pere de Ribes, Can Suria