Construir a Medida uses EPS.

EPS means Expanded PolyStyrene. Building with EPS offers some advantages:
  • Low costs
    The construction process is fast due to premade blocks.
  • Great insulation
    Homes built with EPS have a energy performance coefficient (EPC) of 0,3. Which is over twice as efficient as the average home (0,6 – 0,8 EPC) Sounds will also stay in their designated areas.
  • Durable
    The building materials are completely recyclable.  The EPS parts are also climate and wind resistant.
You could also choose to install solar panels. You would take full advantage of the Spanish climate and your home would be energy neutral.
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  • Technical information: What do the EPS blocks look like?
    Between the inner side and outer side of each 6.5 cm polystyrene is 16.5 cm of space for concrete mortar.
    With the aid of seven patented black polypropylene links the twho halves are maintained at a set distance. In this space we install the reinforcement. On the inside there are links that have been widened for the installation of, for example, plaster boards.
    The result is a stable building block of 122 x 42,5 x 29 cm. This block is very energy efficient and offers excellent heat and sound insulation.